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I am Syamraj, the author of Marketnasim. The site marketnasium.com is created by me in the year 2023 with the intention of providing something awesome and mind-blowing articles in the field of personal finance and markets to those who are interested. We publish articles on the US market mainly. The site’s endeavor is not to provide articles on reference data only, but also it is to give unique opinions and logic which are really important in the field of markets. Marketnasium is trying its maximum to have research and thereby give you satisfactory and eye-opening posts which would help you move each step up in your financial life. The site is designed in such a fashion that it’s equally good for beginners and professionals alike. We’ll help you prosper in the market. We will try our best to give you top pieces of information and highly valued ideas to make you have a cool experience.


Alog (audio log) is a free blogging platform where the user users can enjoy this blog without reading the content. From this site, we are mainly focusing on providing informative audio information related to different education fields. We are mainly providing interviews which may help you build a career perfect career path.

Till now the admins can only create posts on this site, but in the future, everyone can easily create and share their views to the world.

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